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Future Trends - Steel Structure Housing

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Steel structure housing refers to residential buildings with steel as building load-bearing beams and columns. Steel structure housing, generally divided into light steel structure housing and heavy steel structure housing.

There are also some residential building, whose structural system is a mixed structure, that is, the structure of the house, a part of the steel structure, and some other structures, such as wood structure, or reinforced concrete structure.

The light steel structure residential building is a house made of galvanized steel sheet and factory-processed, light steel keel structure system.

Heavy-duty steel-structured residential buildings are generally constructed from members such as H-beams, square-shaped steel pipes, and channel steels.

Steel Structure Housing

Steel Structure House

Characteristics of steel structure housing:

1. The steel structure has high strength, good plasticity and good toughness.

2. The steel structure is easy to manufacture and the construction period is short. The materials used in the steel structure are simple and mature, they are easy to machine and can be mechanically operated.

3. Flexible design, indoor layout can be changed at will, not subject to the original traditional structure.

4. Steel structure materials are regenerated and can be recycled and reused. It can be regarded as a green and environmentally friendly healthy house.

5. Strong earthquake resistance.

6. The steel structure is lighter than the reinforced concrete structure.

7. The corrosion resistance and fire resistance of steel are lacking. Technical measures can make up for the shortcomings, such as steel structure materials surface treatment by fireproof coating painting and anti-rusting painting.

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