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Industrial Steel Building - Prefabricated Steel Structure Factory Building in Algerial
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Reger Steel Structure is one of the few pre-engineered steel buildings companies that offer a complete building system. It starts from engineering, procurement and manufacturing and extends into installing the building along with supplied accessories such as doors and windows.
If you are looking for a competitive price and best quality pre-engineered buildings supplier, please contact Reger for our advice. We are ready to resolve any questions regarding your projects.
Fill the form or send us email as following to request a quotation to us. We will work out the details and contact you at the earliest.

Qingdao Reger Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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  Add: No.268 Sancheng Road, Pingdu,           Qingdao, China
  M.P.: +86-15194307960
 WhatsApp/Wechat: +86-15194307960
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