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Most Common Standard Primary Framing System for Steel Building

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Most common standard primary framing system used in steel building include clear span, multi-gable and multi span.


Clear Span: Clear-Span steel frame allows the entire building space to be free of any internal columns, thereby providing unlimited uses for these buildings.


Multi-Gable: Multi-Gable (MG) buildings consist of two or more gable buildings sharing common sidewall columns, provide the structural support needed in extremely wide buildings.

multi span System

Multi Span: A Multi-Span frame is consisting of more than one span across the width of the building. Multi-gable buildings and single-gable buildings which have the interior columns are examples.

Multi-Span frames are well-suited for large buildings with features of  low-sloped roof designs and amounts of space.

As a full-service steel structure building manufacturer, Reger Building Systems can provide clear span, multi-gable or multi span metal structure tailored to your exact specifications.

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