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Reger Industrial Park Project Case

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The industrial park project located in Qingdao China,covering an area of 60771.2 sqm, with a total of 10 factory buildings designed. 

The project is divided into three phases for implementation, and the overall delivery of one phase has been completed. The overall intention of the project is to create a full industrial chain integrating production, office, sales, logistics and warehousing, product research and development and other links. 

This phase of the project is mainly focused on production workshop and office, suitable for manufacturers of various size to settle in intended to lay a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of the entire park.

Steel Building Construction

Factory Office Building

China Steel Building

China Steel Structure Warehouse Office

Industrial Park - Reger Steel Structure Project Case

Industrial Park - Reger Steel Structure Project Case

Industrial Park - Reger Steel Structure Project Case

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