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Reger Steel Structure Advantages

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Reger Steel Structure is into design, fabrication and installation of pre engineered steel buildings.

We also help sorting of good suppliers for electric rolling up door, aluminum window, crane, and other accessories that applied for the pre engineerd steel building, save time and reduce the cost.

Reger Steel Structure Advantages

1. Optimal design

Steel has a high strength/weight ratio. Therefore, the weight of the steel structure is relatively small. Compared with concrete, steel contributes to innovative design.

2. Fast construction

Steel is very suitable for prefabrication and mass production. Steel structures can be built very quickly, resulting in faster economic returns.

3. Earthquake resistance

Properly designed steel structures can have high ductility, which is an important characteristic of resisting shock loads (such as explosions or earthquakes).

4. Future expansion

Compared with reinforced concrete, the properties of steel will not change significantly over time. The steel structure building can be easily expanded by adding new compartments or wings.

5. Maintenance-free

Steel structures can be built with high-quality craftsmanship and narrow tolerances. Generally speaking, steel structures can be repaired quickly and easily.

6. Low storage

Steel is easy to transport, so it can be manufactured in the workshop, thereby reducing on-site construction time.

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