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Custom Designed Mezzanines Maximise Space in Your Steel Structure Workshop and Warehouse

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Adding a mezzanine to a building is the perfect way to increase usable square footage without increasing floor space. It also makes full use of the vertical space of the structure. A mezzanine floor is a steel structure made up of beams and columns that provide additional levels above the existing floor. Mezzanines offer many benefits, have a wide range of applications, and can meet many special needs - all without increasing your floor space. Mezzanine floors are an extremely adaptable structure with typical uses ranging from general storage to production areas and offices.

If you're in a building with insufficient floor space, Why not add a mezzanine, the fastest and most cost-effective way to get more storage space in your factory or commercial space? Our mezzanines can be used for a variety of purposes:

Warehouse Mezzanine:

Warehouse mezzanine floors increase the space in any area, you use the area above you instead – creating additional floor space from wasted space above your existing working areas. Compared to building an extension or relocating to larger premises a warehouse mezzanine floor is a cost effective solution. Warehouse mezzanines provide an instant storage upgrade for your facility.


Office Mezzanine:

A mezzanine is also a great idea to get more office space as well as storage space for supplies. Having a proper in-plant offices, especially in a dirty factory, can make doing business that much easier. It also gives you a cleaner space to meet clients. Office within warehouses is a modern and efficient solution for businesses that require both storage and office space.

Office Mezzanine

A mezzanine floor means you can expand your business quickly and efficiently. For industry, it also means you don’t have to move to another factory or warehouse, which can be a huge cost savings.

Steel Structure Building Mezzanine

If you want to build a steel structure factory or warehouse with offices inside, an economical steel structure building mezzanine is a good choice as your office part. Regardless of size, we can build a custom-designed mezzanine based on your facility and production requirements. Custom designed mezzanines that will add value to your steel structure workshop and warehouse.

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