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Meat Duck Cage Equipment

Reger automated duck cage can realize automatic feeding and watering, cleaning manure, and computer control of the environment in the house. Two size of H type duck cage can supplied from us, H-1000, 16 ducks per cage, H-2000, 60 ducks per cage .

Meat Duck Cage System  

ModelCage Length ( mm)Width (mm)Cell /cage

Distance between tires (mm))

HLY-1000     1000   1000     3      680
HLY-2000     2000    2000     3      800

HLY-1000  capacity is 16 ducks per cage. 

HLY-2000 capacity is 60 birds, the available area on teh net id higher than the conventional cage, the unit culture density is reduced. so the density is small but with better performance. cage spacing is increased to 800 mm, which is conducive to inner ventilation . 


Duck cage: spring door, easy to operate, fst trenport .

Automatic Manure cleaning system, the anti-runing spiral roller on the nose side, does not hurt the belt, so as to ensure the life of the fecal belt.

Water Drinking system:  lifting water drinking system, nipples are arranged symmetrically. It is convenient for ducks to drink water on both sides of the nipple. Large-volume water drinnker meets the demend of meat ducks at different stages.

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