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Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop

This prefabricated workshop construction area 10,374 sqm with 12.4m-high, located in Qingdao, China. Steel workshop cladding materials of roof and wall are 100mm-thick fiber-glass wool with two layers of metal steel sheets. The factory workshop is used for the production of centrifugally cast tube and static castings in heat-resistant alloys

Steel workshop features

1. Portal frame structure system

2. Fire-proof rating: water-like anti-fire painting Level 

3. Friendly environment protection.

4. Beautiful appearance

Prefabricated workshop description

1. Building area:10,374 sqm

2. Steel workshop size: 180.48*57.48*9.6m-12.4m(parapet wall height)(1/10 slope)

3. Main steel framing: welded H column and beam with two coats of mid-grey and fireproof coating painting

4. Secondary framing: Z purlins & girts Galv, eave struts, wind bracing, flange bracing, base angles, clips and other miscellaneous structural parts

5. Steel workshop roof protection material: V760, 0.5mm(outside metal sheet), red color/100mm fiber-glass wool/V-900, 0.4mm(inside metal sheet), white-grey color

6. Wall protection material: V840, 0.5mm(outside metal sheet), metal color/100mm fiber-glass wool/V-900, 0.4mm(inside metal sheet), white-grey color

7. Lighting system: skylight sheet

8. Crane: 4 set 10 ton

Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop

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