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Philippines Broiler Chicken Shed

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Project Name: Light Steel Structure Broiler Chicken Shed  

Location: Philippines

Area: 1968 m2

Project Time: 2016

Broiler chicken shed details:

Chicken shed with the main framework is steel structure, which is composed of main feeding system, chain feeding system, nipple drinking system, ventilation system, cooling system, environmental control system, and spraying system.

We supply designing and fabrication of  the main frame and facilities of the light steel structure broiler chicken shed.

The frame of the chicken shed is made of galvanized C section steel (double-split join type).

We have unified managing and automatic controlling during the process of temperature controlling, fodder-and water feeding, cleaning and also the total environment.

Till now the broiler shed work well, dozens of broiler chickens have been sold out and their livability reaches and high rate of 98.9%.

galvanized steel frame of chicken shed

Light Steel Structure Broiler Chicken Shed Project in Philippines

chicken shed

broiler shed project in Philippines

Steel Structure Chicken Shed

light steel structure broiler chicken shed

poultry equipment of broiler shed

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