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Prefabricated Steel Warehouse Buildings

Prefabricated steel warehouse buildings exported to Algeria, area is 2520 square meters, size is 24*105*11m(Length*Width*Eave Height). We supply service of steel warehouse building designing, fabrication, and guiding installation.

Prefabricated warehouse buildings features:

1. Structural type: portal frame system

2. Resistance rating: level 2

3. Long service life: durable years of main frame is 50 years.

Prefabricated warehouse building details:

I. Warehouse buildings design load

2. Wind load:0.5KN/m2, snow load: 0.2KN/m2

3. Frame live load: 0.3KN/Sqm, purline live load:0.3KN/Sqm

II. Prefabricated warehouse building main steel frame

1. Beam, column and crane beam: Welded H Section steel Q345B with two coats mid-grey waterproof painting

2. Wall and roof purline: C Section steel with two coats mid-grey waterproof painting

3. Crane: 2 sets, 5 tons/Set, span:22.5m, length:105m, max. lifting height: 6m

III. Prefabricated warehouse building wall and roof maintenance 

1. Wall panel: V-950,0.5mm/50mmEPS/0.5mm

2. Roof panel: V-960,0.5mm/50mmEPS/0.5mm

III. Supporting part

Tib bar, roof horizontal bracing, column bracing, knee-bracing, casing pipe, round bar, all these will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building   

IV. Doors and windows

1. door: sandwich panel sliding door

2. Window: plastic steel window

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