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Vanuatu Prefab House

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Project Name: Prefab Light Steel Frame House for Date Center

Location: Vanuatu

Area: 245 m2

Project Time: 2013

Prefab light steel house project details: 

Date center in Vanuatu was built in 2013, monomer floor area is 245 m2. There are generators, UPS system, central air conditioner, cable tray and other facilities in. It can support all the internal computer equipments working normal operation more than 36 hours without any external power supply. Date center was the only place can get in touch with outside in vanuatu storm in 2015, it saved hundreds of lives and became one of the reconstruction base.

The customer sent us the feedback of the light steel prefab house, content is following


Hi alice

I thought you would be interested, the house that you factory built that we sent to Vanuatu was in the emiddle of a very very very big typhoon. the typhoon is the biggest that the scientists recorded, a category 5 storm with winds up to 320kph.

The house we built together survived with no damage, no leaks and many people lived in the date centre to survive during the night. The islands are destroyed, 50,000 people have no homes, many people have died and the country will need a lot of help. There is no clean water yet and no electricity and food is in short supply.

Please pass on to everyone at your factory for their good work and their quality work, they have saved peoples lives, and now they are saving more peoples lives. They should be very proud of themselves. Our house is the only communication lines to the outside world, and it is being used to ordinate disaster recovery efforts.

I was very happy this morning to hear from the island that people we knew were safe and happy and that it was the work we did in China which helped to make a difference to the world.

Best Regards


Vanuatu Prefab light steel frame house project

Light steel prefab houseVanuatu prefab steel house

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