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Aruba Steel Structure Stadium

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Project Name: Steel Structure Stadium with Truss Frame

Location: Aruba

Span: 127m

Project Time: 2013

Steel trusses structure stadium project details:

1. Span: 127m

2. Eave Height: 9.14m

3. Steel Amount: 62.357T

4. Frame type: Steel truss frame structure

5. Special requirments: highly accurated

6. Beam and Column: welded with steel structure pipe truss

7. Treatment: Hot dip galvanized and 4 times epoxy light-grey painting

8. Roof cladding: Light panel/translucent panel

Steel Truss Frame Structure

Steel structure sports stadium

Aruba Project - Steel Structure Stadium with Truss Frame

Steel Truss Structure Stadium

Aruba Project - Steel Truss Structure Stadium

Steel Structure Stadium Project in Aruba

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