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Steel Pipe Truss Structure Football Stadium

The steel truss structure stadium has a large span (54 m), 3 rows of steel pipe truss as its frame, with a 16.6 m eave height and a 3 m beam height. Steel structure stadium is used for 7V7 football filed, the structural type adopts steel truss structure.

Steel pipe truss structure stadium features:

1. Large span: 54 m

2. Structural type: steel truss structure

3. Easy installation and attractive appearance

Steel truss structure stadium details:

Main steel framing: steel pipe truss, Q235B

Roof purline: C section steel

Steel structure stadium wall cladding system: 0.476mm thickness V900 type colorful steel sheet(Outer sheet) + 0.376mm thickness V900 type colorful steel sheet(inner sheet)

Roof cladding system: 0.5mm thickness V840 type colorful steel sheet + 50mm thickness glass wool blanket with aluminum foil paper + 0.4mm thickness V900 type colorful steel sheet

Lighting system: 1.5mm thickness skylight panel

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