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Congo Steel Roof Trusses

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Project Name: Prefabricated Steel Structure Roof Trusses

Location: Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

Total Area: 10593 sqm

Project Time: 2017

Steel structure roof truss details:

The project total have 4 building, just the roof system, they use the brick for the wall system. The roof system installation after the building finished. All the roof system galvanined.

The Size:

1. 35*15+5*5(bay)(1/10 slope)=918 sqm; 

2. 70.07*30.71(bay)(1/10 slope)=2151.85 sqm 

3. 26.5*67.04+35.57*42.67+60.9*36.17(bay)(1/10 slope)=5644.85 sqm 

4. 82.03*22.9(bay)(1/10 slope)=1878.5 sqm

1. Structural form: triangular roof truss

2. All the steel truss structures are made up of angle steel

3. Surface treatment: hot galvanized

4. Roof panel: V-840 type, 0.5mm, sea-blue steel sheet

5. Steel structure roof installation: sent our workers to help installation on site

Main Structure of Steel Roof Truss

Congo Project - prefabricated steel roof trusses

installation of steel trusses in Congo

Congo Galvanized Steel Roof Truss

Galvanized Steel Structure Roof Truss for Congo

steel structure project installation team in Congo

Steel Roof Truss Structure

Steel Structure Roof Truss of Warehouse design

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