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Nigeria Rice Processing Plant

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Project Name: Steel Structure Plant for Processing Rice

Location:  Benin City, Nigeria

Area: 1500 m2

Project Time: 2016

Rice processing plant details:

Design Technical Parameters:

Building area: 75m*20m*8m/18.5m (Length* Width* Eave Height), 1/10 slope, 1500 Sqm

Wind load: 0.75KN/M2

Main steel structure part:

Welded H steel columns and beams, two coats of mid-grey painted, Q345B material

Roof and wall purlin: galvanized C section steel with Q345B material

Steel structure rice processing plant cladding system:

Roof Cladding-EPS Sandwich Panel: V-960 type 0.5mm sea  blue-50mm EPS-0.5mm white grey

Wall Cladding-EPS Sandwich Panel: V-950 type 0.5mm white grey-50mmEPS-0.5mm white grey

Lighting system: roof skylight, V-950 type 1.5mm

Window: plastic window 

Door: sliding door

Steel Structure Rice Processing Plant Column

Steel Structure Rice Processing Plant Column and beam

Steel Structure Rice Processing Plant Frame

Steel Structure Rice Mill Plant

Steel Structure Plant Roof

Wall and Roof Cladding of Steel Structure Plant

Finished Installation of Steel Structure Rice Processing Plant

Steel Structure Rice Processing Plant Guide Installation on Site

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