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Steel Structure Feed Mill Plant

Feed mill is built in Angola, building area 1200 square meter, partial of the building up to 7-Story, all steel frameworks are hot-dip galvanized.

Feed mill features:

Structural type: steel framework structure

Feed mill is easy to construction and cost-saving

Feed mill plant details:
Total area: 1200 Sqm, partial of the building up to 7-story

Mmain steel framing of feed mill: H column and beam with hot-dip galvanized, Q345B

Secondary frame: C purlins & girts Galv, eave struts, wind bracing, flange bracing, base angles, clips and other miscellaneous structural parts

Surface treatment: all the steel members in hot-dip galvanized

Wall cladding: 0.5mm metal sheet

Feed mill roof cladding: 0.5mm metal sheet

Doors: E-rolling door and sliding door

Window: aluminum window

Six big galvanized silos

Used: feed process factory

Feed mill construction: sent our workers to help installation

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