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Pakistan Cola Processing Factory Project

Cola processing factory project is 23,000sqm with cold room inside of factory, project owner is Master Beverages and Foods Limited in Lahore, Pakistan.

Cola processing factory description:

1. Total building area: 23,400 sqm

2. Size: 100*178*9m + 52*100*9m

3. Span: 4 bays *25m; 4 bays*13m

4. Eave height: 9m; 12m with parapet wall

5. Ridge height: 11.8m

6. Steel amounts: 760 tons

7. Brick wall: 3m

8. Technical scope and frame type: 1st and 2nd district in L form, three sided parapets with convex, rows of wallboard in different colors.

9. Special requirements: special color of the maintaing part, convex at the bottom of the parapets.

10. Special materials or technology: specialized materials for internal cold storage

11. Main steel framing: Welded H column and beam with Q345B materials

12. Purlin:  Z section steel

13. Roof maintaing materials: V-820 type 0.5mm outer steel sheet + 50mm glass wool blanket with aluminum foil paper + V-900 type 0.4mm inner steel sheet

14. Wall maintanance materials: V-840 type 0.5mm outer steel sheet + 50mm glass wool blanket with aluminum foil paper + V-900 type 0.45mm inner steel sheet

15. Door: Electric sliding door and rolling door

Another project of the customer is a ceramic tile processing factory. 3D renderings of the ceramic tile and the cola factory project are the same. The customer is very satisfied with the two steel structure plant projects

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