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Papua New Guinea Office Building

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Project Name: Pre Engineered Steel Structure Office Building

Location: Nipa District, Papua New Guinea

Area: 793 m2

Project Time: 2016

The Pre engineered office building is a two-story steel structure office building.

Two-story steel office building details:

1. Office building size: 22m*15m*5.8m

2. Roof truss and steel column: square tube 60*2, 50*2, 100*4,200*100

3. Floor materials: Hot rolled steel beam+steel deck

4. Steel office building roof cladding: 0.5mm corrugated steel sheet+50mm EPS sandwich panel as ceiling

5. Pre engineered office building wall cladding: 75mm EPS Sandwich Panel

6. Window: Aluminum-alloy sliding window with security mesh

7. Door: Steel entry door and Compound wooden door

8. Pre engineered office building floor: Ceramic tiles, Laminated wooden floor

9. Electricity and Plumbing: Australia standard wire and water pipe

10. Toilet and washing basin with Water Mark, shower cabinet, kitchen cabinet(with sink and tap), urinals.

steel office building installation

Two Story Pre Engineered Steel Structure Office Building

morden design steel structure office building

Pre Engineered Office Building

Two story steel structure office building inside

Pre Engineered Steel Office Building Inside

washing room of steel structure office building

steel structure office building design

Axial elevation drawing of Steel Structure Office Building

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Two-Story Steel Frame Structure Store Building

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