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Pre-engineered Poultry Processing Slaughter Plant

Pre-engineered poultry processing plant with processing slaughter equipment, exported to Nigeria, used as a chicken processing slaughterhouse, Poultry slaughterhouse building area of 1320 sqm, all steel structure componets of the slaughterhouse are hot-dip galvanized treatment.

Pre-engineered poultry processing slaughter plant description:

1. Steel structure design loads: snow load is 0.3kn per sqm, wind load is 0.5kn per sqm, earthquake grade is 6 degrees

2. Poultry slaughterhouse size: 60*22m

3. Main steel framing: H section steel, hot dip galvanized treatment

4. Secondary steel framing: C purlines, girts, roof and wall support, knee bracing, tie bar, sleeve, angle steel, all these components are hot-dip galvanized treatment

5. Poultry processing plant roof and wall cladding: EPS sandwich panel

We can offer automatic poultry processing line with capacity of 500 birds per hour, 1000 birds per hour, 1500 birds per hour and 2000 birds per hour. If the capacity of poultry processing line over 3000 birds per hour, it is customerized. The smallest capacity of poutlry processing line is 1000-2000 birds daily. 

Our processing line including the equipment as below:  

1. Live birds crates delivery line  

2. Poutlry slaughter unit inlcluding liver bird conveyor line, blood bleeding trough,scalder, plucker, and feed & head cutter 

3. Eviseceration Unit 

4. Pre-chilling unit(ice flaker is optional)

5. Electric control box, boiler, and installation matreial  

6. Fresh cold room, balst room and storage room 

We can offer a poultry processing plant from A to Z.

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