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Prefab Commercial Exhibition Showroom Building

Commercial exhibition showroom building area 1585 sqm, located in Aruba, used as an exhibition showroom for construction building materials. The structure system adopts two-story frame structure.

Commercial showroom features:

1. Prefab showroom for construction building materials

2. High dimensional accuracy

3. Exhibition showroom structure system: frame structure

4. Beautiful appearance

Prefab showroom description:

1. Span spacing: 127m   Eave Height: 8.4m

2. Number of Floors: 2

3. Showroom design parameters: wind speed – 148KM/H, live load on floor - 400 kg/m2, roof load – 15Kg/m2

4. Steel amount: 92 T

5. Commercial showroom primary framing:

Column and Beam: welded H section steel, Q345B, red alkyd antirust and mid-grey painting two times

Steel stairs and elevator steel frame: Q235B, red alkyd antirust and mid-grey painting two times, finished assembled before leaving factory

6. Prefab showroom secondary framing: Z purlins & girts Galv, eave struts, wind bracing, flange bracing, base angles, clips and other miscellaneous structural parts

7. Exterior Wall: Glass curtain wall + EPS cement wall panel

8. Roof panel: PU sandwich panel

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