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Industrial Heavy Prefab Steel Structure Factory Building

Prefab steel factory building for metallurgical automatic transmission equipment assembly base, located in Qingdao high-tech zone, area 23772 square meters.

Heavy steel structure factory building features

1. Prefab factory building is used as industrial plant

2. Large span with 120 m

3. Total length is 198.1m 

4. Eave height is 13.2 m 

5. Ridge height is 18.6m

6. Column of steel factory building adopts Lattice steel column without anchor bolts

Prefab factory building description

1. Size: 198.1*120*13.2m (Length* Width* Eave Height), Ridge Height: 18.6m

2. Primary steel framing: Lattice steel column without anchor bolts+ H section steel beam+Crane Beam

3. Column bracing: welded by channel steel and angle steel, is double layer installation

4. Roof horizontal bracing: continuous connection by angle steel

5. Crane beam: middle column crane beam is divided into two layers, all crane beams are installed walkway plate and guardrail and each walkway plate has two ladders and escalators.

6. Roof cladding: single steel sheet+glasswool blanket with Aluminium-foil+wire mesh

7. Wall cladding: V-780 type single corrugated steel sheet (length is up to 60.28 meters) +glass curtain

8. Lighting system: skylight panel

9. Roof vent: 36pcs Ventilator+8pcs E-clerestory

10. Window: Aluminium alloy Window+ tinted glass curtain

11. Prefab factory building door: sliding door

12. Rain canopy: arc awning designed by us.

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