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Sri Lanka Prefab Factory

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Project Name: 4-Story Prefab Steel Frame Structure Factory

Location: Sri Lanka

Area: 8000 m2

Project Time: 2018

Steel frame factory details

1. Size: 4 story, 2000 square meters per floor

2. Primary steel frame of prefab factory: welded H section steel column and beam with 2 times mid-grey anti-rusting painting

3. Secondary framing: C Purlins, girts and eave struts are secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels 

4. Support structural Part: Tie Bracing, Bracing Bars, Angle Steels, all these will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building

5. Roof materials: V-840, 0.5mm steel sheet + 6mm XPE + steel mesh

6. Wall materials: V-900, 0.4mm steel sheet

7. Steel structure factory floor material: H type steel beam + floor deck+concrete  

8. Lighting System: V-840, Skylight panel

9. Crane: 2 set 5 Ton 

10. Window: plastic steel window

11. Door: sandwich panel sliding door

12. Steel frame factory Installation: sent our engineers to guide installation

4 Story Prefab Steel Frame Structure Factory Design Drawings

Prefab Steel Frame Structure Factory Installation

Prefab Steel Frame Structure Factory Construction

4 Story Prefab Steel Frame Structure Factory

Steel Framework of 4 Story Prefab Factoryilding

floor of 4 StoryPrefab Steel Frame Structure Factory

floor of Steel Frame Factory

Steel Structure Factory

Sri Lanka Prefab Factory

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