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Low Cost Prefab Steel Workshop

The prefab workshop with a construction area of 16742 sqm, manufactured and constructed by our company, round-arch automatic exhausting smoke skylights are set on the roof.

Prefab steel workshop features

1. Attractive and custom design: beautiful and elegant looks, wall cladding use the white steel sheet. Prefab workshop design is flexible in any requirement of design, easy to expand in the future.

2. Quality Control: steel workshop designed and fabricated in-house with strict quality control.

3. Durability: the steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and can be used for as long as 30 years. Withstand extreme forces or harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy snow, corrosion resistance, fireproof.

4. Construction is fast: all steel components are fabricated before leaving factory and are bolted together at the site, time-saving, lalor-saving.

5. Prefab workshop cost savings: factory direct sale, low transportation cost, easy installation and maintenance.

6. Energy efficiency and environment friendly: materials are recyclable.

Prefab workshop description

1. Structure type: pre-engineered light steel structure building system

2. Main steel workshop: 209.8*79.8*8m (Length* Width* Eave Height)

3. Prefab wokshop primary steel framing: welded H section steel with facing anti-rusting painting and fire-prfoof painting

4. Secondary framing: galvanized Z Purlin, Tie Bar, Roof and Wall Support are formed as secondary framing

5. Bracing: round steel is supplied with knee bracing and other supporting parts, which will improve the stability and durability of the whole building.

6. Prefab workshop roof cladding: 0.6mm steel sheet + glass wool blanket with Aluminium-foil paper+Wire mesh

7. Wall cladding: 0.5mm corrugated steel sheet in white

8. Steel workshop lighting system: skylight panel

9. Window: aluminum alloy window+ tinted glass

10. Door: rolling shutters with steel canopy

11. Brick Wall: 1.2m high

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