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Two-Story Steel Frame Structure Warehouse

Two-story steel frame structure warehouse, total construction area of 1123 square meters, steel warehouse construction place is Thailand, adopts steel framework structure system, steel warehouse roof panel is fiberglass wool sandwich panel.

Two-story steel structure warehouse features:

1. Structural system: two-story steel framework structure

2. Perfect design: perfect combination of steel structure framework, steel roof and brick walls

3. Stable structure, easy installation

4. Steel frame warehouse cost is low

Steel frame warehouse details:

1. Warehouse design load:

Wind load: 0.4KN/m2; No snow

Roof load: 0.15KN/m2, live load on roof: 0.3KN/m2

Earthquakegrade: 6degrees

2. Stee frame warehouse size: 31.2*18*7m(Length*Width*Eave Height)

3. Column: Q345B, box column with two coats of mid-grey paint

4. Beam: Q345B, welded H section steel with two coats of mid-grey painting

5. Roof purline: galvanized C section steel with Q235B material

6. Supporting structure part: Tie bar, Knee bracing, bracing bars, angle steels, all these will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building  

7. Two-story steel frame warehouse floor materials: H type steel beam + floor deck(V-688 type, 0.8mm thickness galvanized steel sheet)+concrete

8. Ladder: steel ladder

9. Roof protect system: V-950type, 0.5mm thickenssses  blue steel sheet + 50mm thickness glass wool + 0.5mm thickness white grey steel sheet

10. Wall: brick wall

11. Door: aluminium door + glass door + steel mesh door + rolling door

12. Window: aluminum pulling window

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